Congratulations, you made it. You survived the physical exhaustion of the early years…the sleep deprivation and constant demands for feeding, diaper changing, and holding. You skillfully navigated the toddler years, raising an opinionated little person who seems simultaneously be in awe of and on a mission to destroy the world as we know it. As the school years crept by, you guided your child in the complicated processes of education, socialization, developing friendships and interests.  You are incredible.

As challenging, and rewarding, as every phase of parenting can be, it may come as no surprise that a survey of over 2000 mothers of middle schoolers (12- to 14-year olds) generally feel worse than parents of any other age groups.

And, unlike all the earlier phases, parental support networks seem to have disappeared, just when you might need it most.

There are dozens of Burlington-area playgroups and support groups for parents of infants and toddlers, but as your child gets older there are fewer opportunities to connect with and get support from others parenting preteens and teens.

ParentIN was designed to fill that void, and provide support for you and your family, entering what some child psychologists suggest is the hardest parenting stage.

As drug and alcohol abuse continues to destroy lives, our community as a whole must join together to raise our children above the influence of substance use. The 2017 Vermont Department of Health Youth Risk Behavior Report shows that 8% of sixth graders report ever drinking alcohol, but by 12th grade 62% of children report ever drinking alcohol.

ParentIN core messaging focuses on bonding, boundaries, and monitoring – proven ways parents can prevent teen substance abuse. Like parenting, our program is not a one-shot-and-it’s-over process. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

We will provide weekly educational tools, tips, and resources that make tackling high risk teen behaviors feel manageable and realistic for your family. Join a parent meet-up and find a safe place to ask questions, offer suggestions, and engage with a community of parents who can relate – just like back in the day.

As a participant, you will receive:

Online Support

through email, text, and social media

Personal Support

through small groups with other parents


inform yourself with in-depth articles on substance abuse prevention

  • Sign up for our weekly texts with tips, tools, and reminders.
  • Add your email to our mailing list and stay informed with regular updates.
  • Join us online via your favorite social platform.
  • Attend a ParentIN meet-up in your neighborhood.

Join other parents from the Burlington community in the movement to end teen substance abuse.

We are IN this together.